Social experiment has a guy trying to hold hands (with random strangers in public)

(CBS News) Who is up for some silly fun in the form of a social experiment? Yeah?  Okay!  Watch what happens when a guy tries to hold random people's hands in public. I'm sure you can already see where this one is going...

Okay, so the term "social experiment" may have been a bit of a reach. I'm thinking "prank" is much more apt.  Right?  Yeah.  Of course.  I'm so glad we're in agreement on this point.

The lighthearted and amusing video was posted by YouTube user LAHWF, and while most of the reactions were exactly what you would expect, there were a few nice surprises in it (such as the guy and girl who just went along with the hand-holding at 21 seconds and 39 seconds respectively). 

So how would you have reacted?  Feel free to leave me some comment love below.  And to check out more videos by LAHWF, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.