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So You Want Your Own Web Cam....

The first thing I asked myself is why would you want to do this? A Web cam? Uploading pictures of me at work onto the Internet every thirty seconds? Well, just for fun I did it using software from a company called SpotLife that comes bundled with the line of Logitech QuickCams. It is amazingly easy to use. SpotLife President Amit Goswamy …

"SpotLife is all about personal broadcasting. It's about having average consumers like you and I being able to broadcast video, whether it is stored or live, whether it's public or private."
Create a private Web cast, like I chose to do, and the site where your images are is password protected. I let my daughter know and she and her colleagues at work no doubt have been getting a few laughs watching me at my desk. The dangerous part here is you tend to forget the camera is taking pictures…every little gesture…every little sneeze. So who is doing this?

"This could be as simple as keeping families together. Think about…if kids are at school, if they want to stay in touch with their parents, this is the ideal way to do it because you can actually see the kid."
I don't know…would you have wanted your parents peering into your dorm room? Besides your Internet connection, the only cost is for the camera…as little as fifty dollars. Spotlife will charge more for those brave or crazy few who want to stream video of their entire lives on the Web. I'll give you a link to my office web cam (password: thirdage) from this script at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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