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"So You Think You Can Dance" down to the Top 10

"So You Think You Can Dance": The top 10 finalists. FOX

(CBS) The 12 remaining finalists on "So You Think You Can Dance" were narrowed down to 10 on Thursday night's results show.

So, which couples were in the bottom three, and which guy and girl were sent packing? (Spoiler alert)

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First, the dozen dancers performed an exciting opening group number choreographed by Kelley Abbey. Then, host Cat Deeley revealed their fates.

The first couple to land in the bottom three was Caitlynn and Mitchell. Not a surprise - their hip-hop routine and its heavy message failed to connect with judges or fans on Wednesday night.

Ryan and Ricky, whose Broadway number earned lukewarm reviews, were the next pair to be told they were in the bottom three.

The third couple in danger of elimination may have raised some eyebrows. Sasha and Alexander, who performed two strong numbers and (as usual) got high praise from the judges, now had to dance for their lives.

But before the solos, viewers were treated to a group tap number by Jason Samuels Smith & Anybody Can Get It and a performance from Nicole Scherzinger.

Caitlynn really did dance for her life - her solo was full of energy and it was evident she wanted to stay. Sasha's solo wasn't as powerful as it could have been (though with her track record, there was no way she was going home). Ryan, perhaps sensing she had been in the bottom three one too many times, danced like she had already been eliminated. Her solo lacked the passion of her previous performances, and her expression throughout the night seemed like she knew she'd be going home.

As for the boys, there's a reason Mitchell keeps getting saved from elimination - his solos are consistently strong and incredibly graceful. Ricky pulled out an energetic and gravity-defying dance to Queen's "Body Language." And Alexander, who had found himself in the bottom three for the first time this season, didn't wow the judges. Nigel Lythgoe said it was technically sloppy, and he looked really nervous the entire time.

In the end, as I expected, it was Ryan and Alexander who were sent home.

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