So Long... See You Soon!

(CBS/The Early Show)
Hi everybody! As many of you know, today was my last morning on The Early Show.

What a way to end a fantastic five years! Producers Joe Long and Rebecca Resnick put together an incredible video. How do you put a chunk of your life into six minutes? They found a way and it was a real labor of love. And my good pal Toby Keith surprised me with a special song that was a real tearjerker. Heartfelt comments from the other anchors were so wonderful and we ended with hugs all around for my beloved crew. You really feel like it's a family when you work together every morning with the same folks year after year. I will miss them so much.

Thank you all for your well wishes… they have meant a lot. Most of all, thank you for the privilege of allowing me to be part of your lives each morning. God bless you and know that you are loved and appreciated. See you down the road!