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So Hard To Find Good Help

This presidential race has often focused on candidate associations, whether they be with a fiery minister or a "washed up old terrorist." But as the oppo-clips empty over the last days of the campaign, we're likely to see a few more.

Take the campaign of Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.). According to Arizona court records and Shadegg's Federal Election Commission filings, his campaign has employed three men with sketchy pasts to make phone calls to get out the vote. One man appears on the registered sex offender list. Another can be found in Arizona prison records, having served time for car theft and burglary. A third is in the same database for theft.

Shadegg and his campaign did not return phone calls.

Consider this post the second installment in an ongoing series on criminals connected with congressional campaigns.  With one of every 99 Americans currently behind bars, there's probably no shortage of stories we could run.

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