Snow delays Halloween in several Mass. locales

That freak October snowstorm that dumped heavy snow on many parts of the Northeast has played a trick on youngsters looking forward to their Halloween treats in many Massachusetts communities.

Worcester and several municipalities surrounding it in the central part of the state have told families to postpone trick-or-treating until later in the week, reports Sera Congi of CBS station WBZ-TV, in Boston.

Worcester cited all the debris the storm left behind in streets and roads in asking residents to hold off on trick-or-treating until Thursday.

Nearly 3M may spend days without power

"Heavy, wet snow, 15 inches of it, fell (in Worcester) over the weekend, and that brought down a lot of trees, trees that (stilll) had a lot of leaves, so it was very, very heavy and that, of course, brought down power lines, as well," she says.

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Some 20,000 homes had no power in Worcester Monday - about 30 percent of the city. Power's not expected to be restored until mid-week. "This is a very tedious operation for the utility company," Congi points out.

"Many municipalities decided to hold off on trick-or-treating because it'd be so dangerous for kids to be walking around the street in the darkness, trying to dodge all of these tree limbs and power lines. They're are waiting until Thursday (in Worcester), when all of that debris can be cleared away, when power should be back on. Also, temperatures are (forecast) to be a lot warmer. We're expecting to see 60 degrees on Thursday afternoon."