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Snoop remixes "Drop It Like It's Hot" for Hot Pockets

Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, remixed his hit song "Drop It Like It's Hot," for a new Hot Pockets ad.

The "Pocket Like It's Hot" music video features cameos from Andy Milonakis, DeStorm Power, and WWE star Brodus Clay.

"Hot Pockets are irresistibly hot and I thought this was a great digital campaign," Snoop said in a statement. "Hot Pockets have always been a favorite in my house, so this project was something that I felt I could really get behind. Plus, we had a great time coming up with the remix"

The new song's lyrics include lines like, " Home with kids in the crib ma / Pocket like it's hot / When the cravings got a hold of you/ Pocket like it's hot/ And your munchies get an attitude / Pocket like it's hot."

Check out the video below.