Snoop Dogg kicks off celebrity charity week on "The Price is Right"

Snoop Dogg on CBS' "The Price is Right" CBS

(CBS) Snoop Dogg kicked off celebrity charity week on "The Price Is Right" Monday, winning $72,585 for his non-profit after helping other contestants win big as well.

The California rapper not only performed a freestyle rap about the show, he also modeled off special prizes including 1965 Lincoln convertible, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Snoop helped contestants on the show to raise matching funds for his Snoop Football League, which brings organized football to at-risk inner city youth. In total he walked away with $72,585 for his charity.

Snoop is just one of many celebrities to appear on the show this week. Stars scheduled to "Come on down" include Jenny McCarthy, Neil Partrick Harris, Chris Daughtry and Heidi Klum.

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