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Sneak Workouts into Holiday Hustle and Bustle

Everybody's extra busy this time of year.. Between shopping, cooking, and working, you've probably forgotten completely about -- exercising.

But on "The Early Show," celebrity trainer Seven Boggs, of Bally Total Fitness, demonstrated how to sneak in a workout without missing a beat.

Shopping bag and purse shoulder and back workout

You can actually workout while carrying your bags. The important thing is to not use your shoulders to carry them -- use your hands. To get a shoulder and back workout, distribute the weight evenly between both hands. To get a shoulder workout, hold your shopping bags to your sides with your arms fully extended as you walk. The further the bags are from your body, the more your shoulder muscles engage.

To work out your biceps, carry your bags with your arms bent at a 90 degree angle. You can extend your arms to your thighs then bend again, doing reps. Or you can just walk with your distributed bags with your arms constantly bent at a ninety degree angle.

Kitchen workout

Refrigerator squats: You can do a RISING squat if you stack your refrigerator from the bottom shelf up. It's a rising squat, as you stack each shelf. You can get a whole body workout using a large can. Squeeze the can between your thighs, then lift the can over your head.

Stair Leg workout

It's important to take two steps at a time, as well as to use a heel-toe action, so you engage the entire foot and hamstring to maximize your burn.

Standing in lines at the mall!

Squeeze your glutes while rolling on the balls of your feet.

Walking in mall

The key: speed-walking!



While doing your holiday shopping, distribute your shopping bags evenly in both hands. To get a shoulder workout, hold your shopping bags out to your sides, with your arms fully extended as you walk (the further away the bags are from your body the more your shoulder muscles are engaged).

For a bicep work out hold your shopping bags with your arms bent in a 90 degree angle, extent your arm down to your thighs then bend again, doing up to as many reps as you can, feeling the burn. To be even more sneaky with your bicep workout hold your arms in a fixed 90 degree angle while walking around shopping. You'll feel those bicep muscles burning in no time.

When you stock your refrigerator, start with the bottom shelf and work your way up. Start the squat at the lowest point, engaging your glutes by tightening your muscles and keeping your legs tight. As you continue to stock your fridge, work up slowly, rising from level to level, holding each position steady for at least 20 to 30 seconds. This will work out your butt, AND the fronts and bags of your legs and thighs.
Another thing you can try is to use a large can for a whole body squat. Take one of your larger cans, whole canned tomatoes, the wider the better. Take that can and place it between your thighs, squeezing both your legs and your butt muscles together. This engages your abdominal. Then rise up, taking the can in your both your hands, lifting it over your head. This engages your upper body, your abs and stomach.


When taking the stairs don't take one step at a time, climb TWO steps at a time. Not only does this potentially increase your cardiovascular workout (especially if you take the stairs at a jog), but it also makes your hamstrings and butt work harder. Lift up those legs, the higher your raise your knees, the better the workout is going to be.

Step flat footed lifting with the heel of the top foot to fully engage your hamstrings (back of the thighs) as well as gluteal muscles.

To get a brisk cardio workout, jog lightly up the stairs one step at a time or to take it up a notch, run up two steps at a time. (Make sure your wearing very low heels or no heels at all when attempting to run up the stairs if possible)


When standing in a checkout line get a quick booty workout by simply placing your feet closer than hip width apart, squeeze your glutes tightly together, hold for a ten second count, release and repeat. Try to do 25 repetitions at a time, and as many sets as the line allows you to get in.

Throw in calf raises in the mix! While tightening your glutes (the longer the hold the better) roll up on the ball of your feet, roll back on the heel then back up, do 25 repetitions. If you can squeeze your glutes every time you roll up on the ball, it's even better!


One of the best ways to burn extra calories throughout the day is by speed walking. I always advise my clients to pick up the pace when walking anywhere and everywhere. Pick up the pace as if you're running late to a very important appointment, be precise, and speedy. Position your hands down to directly to your sides, swing your right arm straight and forward directly in front of your body at the same time you step with the left foot. If you're doing a long distance walk holding your hands up in a joggers position- 90 degree angle.

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