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"Smoke Weed": Electronic road sign in Md. hacked, report says

The sign that was hacked in Maryland, July 31, 2013. Twitter via CBS D.C.

(CBS) LANHAM, Md. - An electronic roadway sign in Maryland used to inform drivers about congestion or a detour was hacked Wednesday, CBS D.C. reports.

According to the station, instead of informing drivers of potentially useful information, it read, "Smoke Weed Evryday."

Yes, there was an "e" missing (no, it wasn't in "weed").

Montgomery County police received a call reporting the massaged message on Wednesday morning and had deactivated it and begun to reprogram the sign by 9:20 a.m.

A representative of the company that owns the sign, Potomac-based D&F Construction Co., told the station that crews are working to remove keyboards that are used to input the sign message in order to prevent similar sign-hacking in the future.

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