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Smith: Madoff Is A Pathological Thief

Pathology. What made Bernie Madoff defraud all of his investors.

And what makes his wife think she should be able to keep more than $50 million in bonds and cash she claims has nothing to do with her husband.

The Yiddish word for thief is "ganef". And the response of many of the people the Madoffs made victims of varies from bewilderment to rage.

Last week, Elie Wiesel the Nobel laureate and peace activist said Madoff should be made to go before a panel of judges and they should imagine a punishment for him.

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Wiesel's Foundation For Humanity lost more than $15 million to Madoff.

And the man who survived Buchenwald and Auschwitz says he can't forgive him.

What do you think was on Madoffs' mind when the checks for Wiesel's foundation landed on his desk.

Was he thinking "chump… sucker"? Could his mind range beyond his own greed to the despicable act he was performing?

No, this thief takes pleasure in his ill gotten gains.
By Harry Smith

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