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"Smarter Every Day" teaches science lesson by blowing things up

(CBS) - The Feed loves science. The Feed loves explosions. Therefore, The Feed LOVES this video. In it, a mechanical engineer and rocket tester named Destin uses a Saiga 12 to demonstrate the difference between detonation and deflagration.  And by demonstrate I mean blowing things up, of course.

The ongoing YouTube series is called "Smarter Every Day", and Destin actually explains the difference between detonation and deflagration as such in his description:

Usually when people see a fireball they are quick to call it an explosion or a detonation. In actuality, what they've witnessed is a type of explosion called a "Deflagration". Many things are deflagrations. Logs burning in a fireplace are deflagrating. The primer inside the shotgun is actually detonating. Lead Styphenate or Mercury Fulmanide are used in cartridge primers to start the pyrotechnic train in a bullet/shell. The primer itself is detonating, which kicks off the gunpowder which burns in the shell. Any powder detonations occur in the chamber. As the powder burns and begins to push the projectile out (gas seals with the barrel with something called an "obteration seal"). The powder in the barrel is also deflagrating.

Fascinating (and super cool!) If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out more of "Smarter Every Day" by clicking HERE.

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