Smart Ways To Live Well On Less

Everyone would like to have more money. Fred Brock, author of "Live Well on Less Than You Think" says that, with a few changes, we can not only live better, but we can save money for the future at the same time.

The former business editor and current contributor to The New York Times visits The Early Show to discuss cutbacks in our daily spending that could help us save for the future without altering our lifestyles.
Brock points out the sad thing about credit card debt is that when you ask people what they purchased, they are often unable to pinpoint any one item. It's just little items here and there that you can probably live without that add up to incredible credit card debt. He does not believe in depriving yourself or living like a miser. He just thinks you can live the way you want and save money if you pay attention.

Click here to read an excerpt from "Live Well on Less Than You Think."

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