Slow-motion chemistry experiment is a visual bang

(CBS News) Do you know what happens when you drop hot charcoal into a bowl of liquid oxygen? If you said "no," then you're in good company with your blogger here. Or should I say you were... Because you're about to find out just like I did in this slow-motion science experiment that is visual bang to watch. I'd highly recommend watching in high-definition if at all possible.

The science lesson made very cool work comes courtesy of Periodic Table of Videos, who have been featured previously for other displays of the "wow" here on The Feed, and who write about their latest chemistry clip using a Phantom Miro camera to film the reaction:

Dropping hot charcoal into liquid oxygen - filmed with a high-speed camera.
Bet you didn't see the education component coming right at your brain when you clicked play on this one? Yeah, we like to practice the classic teaching tool of "a spoonful of sugar" now and then here on The Feed. And if you'd like to check out more mesmerizing, scientific-focused videos or other works from Periodic Table of Videos, be sure to visit their website by clicking here.