Sloooowwww motion shot of a car full of money blowing up

(CBS News) People love explosions. That's why every other movie that comes out is some sort of heist, action-packed film. Hence, the flick currently in theaters "2 Guns" starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. Inspired by the trailer, The Slow Mo Guys blow up a red convertible supposedly filled with money and film it in super slow motion (2500fps) using a Phantom Flex camera. Check out what an action scene can look like very slowed down in the very cool video above.

What just takes a few seconds in a movie, has been slow-cooked to reveal the details in around two minutes. What we don't normally get to see in these action-packed explosions are the details and aftermath of the boom! Which are highly detailed in this clip. We get to see the burning leather seats, and the red paint turned to silver ash. So, now we know. And remember: Don't try this at home. Unless you have a lot of spare space, extra cars and a hazmat suit I guess...but still. Let's leave it to the Slo Mo Guys.

An for a sped-up version from the actual trailer of "2 Guns," watch below. I think I may prefer the slow-motion action dive from Mr. Slo Mo, and of course his witty banter. What do you guys think?