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Slip No More with Stylish Winter Footwear

This week's colossal winter storm has left nearly three-quarters of the country covered in dangerous snow and ice. Slippery sidewalks and driveways can lead to serious injury, but you can help prevent those slips and falls by wearing shoes with good traction.

"Early Show" Style Contributor Katrina Szish showed some of her top picks on the show Wednesday.


"The Winter Wellie"
Tretorn Skerry Vinter Boots - $39
These waterproof boots with faux fur lining for insulation were designed for sailing but translate well to walking in winter weather.
Skerry Vinter boots, $39. Available at

YakTrax Walkers - $20
For even greater traction, we've added the YakTrax Walker traction system. These coils operate like snow chains on your tires. You can slip on these lightweight traction devices them over any flat boot or shoe whenever there is snow or ice on the ground. They have high-strength horizontal coils that provide forward and backward as well as side-to-side stability and can be worn in temperatures as low as minus 41 degrees. These come in men's and women's sizes extra small through large. There is also a $30 "Pros" version which offers even more traction and can be used for winter running.
YakTrax Walkers, $20. Available at

"Not Just for Hiking"
TrakSta Evolution Mid GTX Boots - $140

In treacherous weather with dangerous black ice covering the streets, you may want to step up to these boots from TrekSta Evolution, which were originally designed for rigorous mountain climbing. But their Mid GTX Hiking Boots are perfect for the snowpocalpyse. These boots offer gore-tex, ice-lock/hypergrip sole for durable traction on ice, snow and mud. In fact, the treads feature micro-glass filaments (in the rubber compound) to create slip-stopping surface.
TrakSta Evolution Mid GTX Hiking boots,$140. Available at

"New Non-Slip Spin on a Modern Trend"
UGG Australia Adirondack - $200

Uggs have consistently been one of the most popular boots on the market. Today we're showing off the UGG Australia Adirondack II lace-up cold weather boots. It's a new style and a very different kind of Ugg from what we're used to seeing. Not to mention far more practical for the winter slip and sludge. The special traction on the rubber sole helps with icy/slippery conditions. The repeating pattern maximizes surface contact and provides flexibility. Two additional must-have features - these boots are waterproof (unlike past Ugg models) and removable sheepskin sock liner naturally wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and warm.
UGG Australia Adirondack II boots, $200. Available at

Also seen on "The Early Show":
Bogs Rider boots, $116. Available at
Hunter Short Lace-Up Boot, $150. Available in Bloomingdale's stores ONLY


"Tough Boots for Tough Winter Play"
NorthFace Chilkats - $55
The name "NorthFace" has become synonymous for winter and winter sports, so who better to offer active kids tough boots that can keep up with them. These NorthFace Chilkats are snuggly, stylish and safe! They're waterproof and features a special durable winter grip rubber outsole, heatshield insulation and fleece lining. These are perfect for sledging on the small slopes or hitting the slippery streets
NorthFace Chilkats Girls boots, $55. Available at

"Mini-Moon Boots"
Tretorn SNO Boots - $29

These nautical inspired boots look similar to mini moon boots, and were designed to keep little feet warm. The Tretorn SNO boots are perfect for rain, snow and winterized for colder temperatures. They're 100 percent waterproof natural rubber. They have a warm and soft faux fur lining and footbed. There's a gum rubber outsole. They have water-resistant, adjustable cuff.
Tretorn Waterproof SNO Children's Boots, $29. Available at

Also seen on "The Early Show":
Hunter wellies. $50. Available at


"A Classic"
Sorel Caribou boot, $110
We can't talk men's boots without starting off with a classic. This is a boot that you can wear for many years and will never really go out of style. The Sorel Caribou boot is a seam sealed waterproof leather upper. Its "ThermoPlus" felt insulation is said to protect in cold weather down to -40 F. The fleecy wool snow cuff top, with a handcrafted vulcanized waterproof rubber shell, also offers a bonded felt frost plug insole and "Aerotrac" natural rubber traction sole. We found these at Paragon Sports.
Sorel Caribou boot, $110. Available at

"Boxing Shoe to Knock-Out Snow"
Tretorn Klipperone Boots - $91

We've gone from the classic shoe to something that's really on-trend. Not only are they stylish, but the rubber outsole is great for traction. The textile lining is made partially with wool for added insulation and breathability. The wool detail actually raises an important point about choosing socks! Many people think cotton socks are the best choice for breathability, but not true! As they get wet they get cold and don't retain heat. Wool or synthetic fabrics are actually the best choice, as they retain insulation.
Tretorn Klipperone boots, $91. Available at

"The Ultimate in Galoshes"
NEOS Navigator 5 - $152

Most people probably remember their dad pulling on galoshes over his dress shoes. Well, they've been re-invented and are the ultimate in icy weather. There are several models, but the most extreme version is the Navigator 5 STABILicers. These are the go-to footgear for those who work under the most demanding weather conditions. The boots can be worn in -20 degrees and cost $152. We found these at Tents & Trails in NYC, but they're also available at
NEOS Navigator 5 STABILicers, $152. Available at

Another model, called "Voyager," is perfect for commuters. Imagine not having to carry your work shoes, instead these are designed to be worn over your shoes or even over your boots. They'll keep your feet warm down to zero degrees. $84.
NEOS Voyager, $84. Available at

And here's an interesting tip we found on an extreme running site. They suggest putting short sheet metal screws in the bottom of your running sneakers.

From - "Called screw shoes (simply putting screws in the bottom of your shoes!). Sheet metal screws with hex heads are awesome because the head on them has a lip that really grips well on ice. This is important because the screws are inserted from the outside into the bottom of the shoe and it is the head of the screw that provides the traction-not the point! 1/2" long screws work fine in most shoes because they do not go through the shoe yet they are long enough that they don't come out too easily. If you have a very thin shoe, or you are just paranoid about how thin the front of your shoe looks, then you can use #6 1/4" long screws. A cordless drill with a magnetic tip and a 1/4" socket can do a shoe in less than a minute. Specific placement of screws and number of screws is up to you, but remember once winter is over you can just remove the screws."

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