Slick BMX skills on display in super slow-motion

(CBS News) I've got something of a riddle for you with this post: Do you know what's better than watching an amazing display of talent and skill on a BMX bike? Watching it in super slow-motion and super high-definition, that's what! Watch it unfold very, very slowly above.

The seriously slick moves were performed by professional BMX bike rider Terry Adams and posted by Red Bull (with music by Propaganda) who write:

BMX Flatland rider Terry Adams brings you through his history growing up in Louisiana. Showcasing two of his signature moves the Katrina and Adams Bomb in super slow motion.
Seriously, just wow. I tip my hat off to your incredible talent on the bike, Terry! And if you'd like to check out more extreme sports and displays of amazing from Red Bullyou can see our previous posts with them by clicking here or visit their YouTube page by clicking here.