Slain Bears fan's best friend says "nothing makes sense"

Friends react to Bears fan's death

(CBS/WBBM) CHICAGO - The friend of a Chicago Bears fan killed in Florida during a weekend trip said he saw his best friend die.

According to CBS Chicago, police said Matthew Hinson, 27, cut William Christopher Pettry's throat in a fit of jealous rage early Sunday inside Fioon MacCool's Irish Pub in Jacksonville when he saw Pettry talking to his wife.

Authorities said Hinson simply walked up to Pettry, slashed his throat, and walked away.

Nick Viverito described to CBS Chicago the circumstances surronding the attack, which occurred just hours before he and Pettry were supposed to watch the Bears play the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"I'm stunned. My friend gets up to the bathroom, and get a round of drinks, and he's dead," Viverito said.

Viverito said there was no reason for Hinson to be jealous of Pettry, much less kill him out of anger.

Viverito said the only contact he and Pettry had with Hinson's wife was offering her a seat at their table, because the couple had nowhere to sit.

"Nothing makes sense," Viverito said.

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