Slacklines replace clotheslines and some truly extreme cycling

(CBS News) As the end of a long work day comes to a close, you could take care of errands, like buying groceries or doing laundry. But do you know what's a lot more fun than hanging your clothes to dry? Replacing the clotheslines with slacklines and having a bit of extreme fun instead. (That doesn't really work if you use a dryer like most people.) Watch it all un-fold above.

While I admittedly reached a bit for the laundry reference (that would have surely left me "high and dry" if performed in front of a live audience), luckily the impressive feats of slacklining talent on display out of Italy speak for themselves in the video from Red Bull who write about it:

Naples clotheslines turned into slacklines this weekend as the formidable champions of slacklining descended upon the historic Italian city for the first edition of Red Bull Airlines. The international contest saw the athletes performing spectacular tricks on a line with the German Benni Schmid emerging as the king of Airlines ahead of the Americans Mickey Wilson and Brenden Gebhard.

And because two feats of talent and skill are (almost) always better than one, we have another one for you. But we're switching gears for this next item from Red Bull that highlights the talents of pro cyclist Danny MacAskill in a project "[two] years in the making". Take in the epic skill, extremity and simply pure awesomeness that is "Imaginate" in our next video below.