Skydiving plane crash in California caught on camera

Skydivers' plane goes down with jumpers onboa... 01:36

LODI, Calif. -- Dramatic footage has surfaced of a plane crash Thursday in Central California.

The plane was carrying a group of skydivers when it went down in a vineyard. Amazingly, everyone survived.

If the skydivers were looking for a thrill, they certainly got one.

Moments after takeoff, the Cessna 208 started to experience engine trouble. That's when the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing.

The plane nosedived, clipped a truck, then flipped over before finally coming to a stop upside-down.

This photo provided by Robert Peterson shows a small plane carrying 17 skydivers that clipped a pickup then landed upside-down in a vineyard on Thursday, May 12, 2016, near Lodi, California. Robert Peterson via AP

All 18 people onboard made it out OK -- including the pilot, who suffered only a bloody nose.

One of the skydivers, Sebastian Alvarez, captured the wild ride on his helmet camera.

"We react in a really good way. We never panic. We put our seatbelt backs, helmets back on and be ready for an emergency landing," Alvarez told CBS News. "You realize, 'Oh wow, it's like, wow this just happened. I'm alive, and everybody's alive.'"

Alvarez, who is a professional skydiver and a former military pilot, said the pilot is a hero for getting them on the ground safely. He seemed unphased by the ordeal -- he even went skydiving again Saturday.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating what caused the plane to crash.