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Woman doing "advanced parachute maneuver" killed while skydiving in South Carolina

Chester, S.C. -- County emergency officials in South Carolina said a woman died because of a hard landing while skydiving. Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker told news outlets the 33-year-old woman died from blunt force trauma Sunday.

She was jumping with Skydive Carolina. In a news release obtained by CBS affiliate WBTV, the company said her parachute was fully functioning and deployed without incident. An "advanced parachute maneuver" caused her to sustain injuries while landing.

The company also said the Charlotte woman was an experienced skydiver with more than 800 previous dives. Her name wasn't immediately released.

This is the third experienced skydiver to die at Skydive Carolina since 2016. A 68-year-old woman died last year after a malfunction in the air and in 2016 a 32-year-old man died after crashing into another diver mid-air.

WBTV reports it is the fifth death at the location since 2009.

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