Skittish kitty freaks out to Mario sound effect

Cat jumps

(CBS News) The noise of Mario's jump is one of the most recognizable sounds in video game history. It's also, for at least one skittish cat, one of the most terrifying.

1985's "Super Marios Bros." is, no duh, a classic. The music alone is enough to take any gamer back in time to the world of mushrooms, goombas and princesses-in-other-castles. But don't tell that to this kitty, who leaps into the air any time Mario jumps. (And as any gamer knows, Mario jumps all the time.)

Sure, the guy in this video could play with the sound off -- and part of us hopes he does, if only for the sake of his pet. But then, we wouldn't get this slice of viral cat video gold now would we?