Skin Cream To Fit Your DNA

DNA face cream lab 21
DNA testing has become an invaluable tool for crime labs, courtrooms and scientists. Now, a company is bringing the science of DNA to your bathroom.

With a medicine cabinet full of half-used creams and lotions, Dorian May Hasiotis has had little luck in her search for an anti-aging skin care product.

Now she thinks she has finally found the solution. It's a product that claims to work because it's actually formulated using her DNA.

"Oh my gosh, I was really pleased," says Hasiotis. "I think it's the first product that I've used and followed through for more than two months."

Cosmetic company Lab 21 has developed what they are calling DNA Face Cream. It is custom-mixed for each customer.

"There are literally millions of combinations of the DNA face cream because there are thousands of active ingredients that we can select, based on your particular needs," says Dr. Charles Ryan, chief scientific officer of Lab 21.

Clients answer a long list of questions about their skin and their individual concerns. Lab 21 gathers a DNA sample and takes it back to the lab for analysis.

"There are thousands of genes. We, however, only look at five genes," says Nathaniel Benson, president and CEO of Lab 21. "Those five genes pertain to skin health and skin aging."

Lab 21 says its customers have expressed no concern over having their DNA tested and they'd like to keep it that way. Samples sent to the lab are identified by a bar code only, with no names.

"It is sensitive and we're extremely conscious of that," says Benson. "We take measures to insure utmost confidentiality."

Dermatologist Francesca Fusco says she is impressed because when some conventional creams and lotions fall short, a face cream from Lab 21 is succeeding.

"I especially like to recommend it to the patients who are very, very sensitive to a variety of ingredients," says Dr. Fusco. "And it's worked very well for them."

Lab 21 claims its product has the ability to pinpoint each customer's specific needs to provide beneficial anti-aging skin care.

"It addresses a variety of things including skin texture, pigmentation, hydration, lines and wrinkles," says Dr. Fusco.

As of now, there is no scientific proof that Lab 21's DNA face cream really works. But an independent research agency is currently conducting a study to determine how effective it is.

At a whopping $250 a jar for a month supply, the cream is pricey. But Hasiotis thinks it's well worth the investment.

"You can do something to help prevent aging and to make yourself look better, instead of trying to conceal it," says Hasiotis. "I couldn't believe the difference in my skin."