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Skin Care For Any Age

You may be looking to update your skin care routine, but feel overwhelmed by the number of options.

To help, The Saturday Early Show invited Andrea Pomerantz, a contributing beauty editor at Glamour magazine, to provide some tips that will make skin care much simpler. Pomerantz says the best way to buy skin care products is based on your age.

If you haven't bought new skin care products in a while, or you're still using the same brand you bought five years ago, it's a good time to shop around, because today's skin care is radically different from a few years ago, according to Pomerantz.

Skin care for women can be overwhelming today because there are many products promising results with ingredients you can't pronounce, let alone know what they do. Pomerantz says many products are age-geared, so you need to consider what your skin needs are for your particular age group.

Women in their 20s, 30s and over 40 have considerably different skin care needs and issues. Pomerantz gave some suggestions for your face, eyes and hands, to correspond with your age.

Women In Their 20s
In this age group, your skin may still have some breakouts. Pomerantz says you want to focus on unclogging pores while still providing moisture. Using acne fighters from your teen years are bad because they will strip off too much oil. Your face also has lots of natural "glow," so you don't need lots of products promising radiant skin, because at this age, you should have plenty of natural radiance.

For your face: You want to start preventing wrinkles as well as prevent breakouts. Pomerantz says to clean your skin without stripping all the oils. Here are two options.

  • Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Blemish Cleanser, $6.99
    This inexpensive cleanser is available at drugstores nationwide. It will unclog pores without drying your skin, according to Pomerantz.
  • SK-II Facial Cleanser, $50
    This new line from Japan is currently available only at Saks Fifth Avenue. It's a lightly foaming cream cleanser that gently foams and removes impurities while conditioning.

Pomerantz says sunscreen is really necessary for your face. She says the following sunscreen pads are easy to tote and they aren't greasy.

  • Completely Bare Solar Shield SPF 30 Pads, $32 for 60 pads
    The oil-free pad doesn't clog pores. And it has skin softener.
    Available at
  • Dermalogica SPF 15 Pads, 15 wipes for $21
    These larger in size towelettes make it easy to evenly cover hard-to-reach spot without spills or mess, according to Pomerantz. They are fragrance-free, and they contain Vitamins A, C and E. The pads also contain herbal extracts of balm mint and coneflower to soothe the skin.
    Available at

For your hands: Pomerantz says you also need sunscreen for your hands. We often neglect our hands when we're lathering on sunscreen, but it's never too late to begin.

  • Eucerin SPF 30 Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, $9.99.
    Find it a drugstore near you. You can also use this product anywhere on your body.

For your eyes: Use eye cream that has sunscreen to prevent wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Clinique Stop Signs, $29.50
    This product contains SPF 15. It also has brighteners, which is good for mornings after too little sleep. Clinique counters are located at department stores nationwide.

Women In Their 30s
Your skin is starting to become a little bit uneven in coloring. You might notice that your texture is changing. You will probably notice some roughness and unevenness -- the result of the epidermis getting drier and thicker. And even if they're teeny and not too numerous, those clumps of pigment known as brown spots typically start popping up at about age 30. Pomerantz says if you don't have a serious skin care routine, this is the time to start.

For your face: Pomerantz says you want to use moisturizer, help your skin glow, and even out dry areas.

  • Nivea Simply Glowing, $8.99
    This product has texturizing ingredients such as Vitamin C and Apricot Extract. Pomerantz says it gives you the glow that you get when you fall in love or are pregnant. Find it in a drugstore near you.

For your hands: You might have gotten away with not using hand cream in your 20s, but in your 30s, you shouldn't skip it. Your hands are drier than before because your skin is thinning and retains less moisture. Pomerantz says you should replenish the moisture with a good, non-sticky hand cream.

  • Cetaphil Therapeutic Hand Lotion, $12.50
    Pomerantz says this is a good product perfect for sensitive skin. Find it at a drugstore near you.

For your eyes: Pomerantz says at 30, you are starting to see expression lines or crows feet wrinkles appearing around the eyes. There are now a variety of products that promise you a younger-looking face with botox-like results, without the needle.

  • L'Oreal Decrease Eye Cream, $19.99
    This is the first botox-like product for eyes available at drugstores. It is available at drugstores nationwide.
  • Dr. Brandt Crease Release, $150
    This is a splurge, but it offers instant albeit temporary "freeze" of crow's feet-eyes. Pomerantz says you can look lineless for 10 hours, which is great for a high school or college reunion or a wedding. Available at

Women In Their 40s and 50s
At this age, your skin will start thinning a bit more. The collagen starts breaking down and your skin will be more fragile. You will look less "radiant" -- not because you've been partying, but because your skin is getting more blotchy.

For your face: Pomerantz says you want to keep your skin looking radiant. Women are going for heavy-duty treatments at the dermatologist such as chemical peels, injectables and prescribe drugs. Here are two new products that promise to make skin look like you're in your 20s.

  • Avon Anew Clinical 2-Step Facial Peel, $32.50
    This is a safe chemical peel at home, which is not as harsh.
    Available at
  • Dove Sensitive Skin Cream, $6.99
    Pomerantz says this product is good to use if you're using injectables or dermatologist-prescribed heavier duty ingredients on your face. It's a very simple moisturizer that won't react with other products you might be using. Find it drugstores nationwide.

For your body:

  • Avon's Balancing Lotion, $9.50
    This lotion helps alleviate the discomforts of hot flashes and night sweats. Use it on your chest, neck, legs, hands and arms. Pomerantz says this will not only help uplift your skin on your neck, and add moisture to your dry, sagging skin, but it will provide a cooling effect. Ingredients include: soy extract, vitamin A, vitamin E and black cohosh.
    Available at

For your hands: You will now have more dark spots appearing on your hands. You still want to provide moisture, but also help diminish the looks of the dark spots.

  • L'Oréal Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect Skin Illuminator and Age Spot Diffuser, $15.75
    You can actual also use this on your chest to help diminish the spots. Find it at a drugstore near you.

For your eyes: You want to try to diminish the signs of aging -- deeper wrinkles. Using an eye serum will help, according to Pomerantz. Serums used to be available only at the high-end product lines. But now, you can find them at more moderately priced lines. Serums are like booster shots that give your eye a nice life.

  • Olay Regenerist Eye-Lifting Serum, $18.99
    This will help "lift" sagging skin as well as provide moisture. Pomerantz calls this "plastic" surgery for your eyes in a jar. Serums absorb more than creams or gels. Your skin also is already fragile, so you don't want to "rub" your skin. Find it at a drugstore near you.
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