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Skills Testing for Children on CD ROM

A company called Virtual Knowledge has created some of the hottest selling educational software programs, teaming up with Sylvan Learning Systems in the Children's Skills Test series. Virtual Knowledge VP Al Noyes...

"We seem to have struck a real chord with parents. The products are very unique in that they allow a parent to assess a child's relative level of educational achievement at home. They allow a parent to identify a child's strengths and to pinpoint weaknesses and track progress."

There are three seperate titles on the market for children in grades K through 3, 4 through 6 and 7 through 9. They sell for under thirty dollars. At the heart are standardized achievement tests....

"We've taken that standardized achievement test and wrapped it in a very entertaining and engaging multimedia format. And in the end what happens is you have a child who is very engaged and motivated to go through the test and gets a positive experience with assessment type material in general and you also allow a parent to get a unique level of insight into the child's progress."

The company also has IQ and personality tests on CD ROM. You can find more information at

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