Skiers attempt record with simultaneous back flip

(CBS News) Where we started off with a not-so-winning (but very bizarre and funny) when-beavers-attack moment, we shift gears now towards the more uplifting. And what's more uplifting (or aerial, if you will) than a world-record attempt of 29 skiers simultaneously doing a back flip together? (Not much!) Go ahead and take a look above and start to feel inspired.

The record attempt took place over the weekend at Mont Saint-Sauveur ski resort in Quebec, Canada, and was posted by YouTube user Gregory Frechette who writes:

29 or so Freestyle athletes from quebec performed a linked simultaneous backflip at end of season events at Mont Saint-Sauveur. More Wold cup medals and medalist than I could count in the line up! Amazing!!

We couldn't agree more, Gregory. And to up the ante, we're including another angle and video below from YouTube user ski free. So, with over two dozen people coming together to try and achieve simultaneous greatness, what have you done with your day so far? (Of course, I've only had three cups of coffee and written about this and a beaver attack, so can't really talk.)