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Sites For The Blind

With the help of text-reading technology, blind people can surf the Web too. Here are a few sites dedicated to issues relating to blindness. Take a look, or give a listen.

Perkins School For The Blind: An intensive school for blind and other handicapped students, Perkins, where Sokchea is a student, is one of the most famous such schools in the world. The site has information about its most famous resident, Helen Keller, as well as a summary of the school's programs and activities.

American Council of the Blind: The ACB's site offers back issues of The Braille Forum, the group's monthly newsletter, a job bank, and audio files of speeches from the Council's convention as well as the group's radio show.

The American Foundation for the Blind: This group's site has a list of its publications, abstracts from The Journal Of Visual Impairment And Blindness, information about lobbying efforts in Washington, as well as an archive of amazing photographs of Helen Keller. See her with everyone from Charlie Chaplin to JFK, doing everything from playing chess to taking a cruise.

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped: Find out about the Library of Congress' efforts to ensure that everyone gets a chance to read and hear the books they want and need.

Blind Links: A well-organized and encyclopedic collection of sites relating to blindness and visual impairment.

Blindness-Related Resources on the Web and Beyond: Another enormous aggregation of links on the subject.

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