Sit. Stay. Read.

Our good friend and faithful web-izen Richard Schlesinger is filing a report for tonight's Evening News on dogs in the workplace. We hounded him, and he agreed to file the following. Thankfully, he didn't make us sit up and beg. - Ed.

One of the titles I wear most proudly is Chief CBS NEWS dog lover. My office is a destination for colleagues who stop by to tell me their dog stories or admire my museum quality collection of photos of my dog Sally.

So I was delighted to get to this company in North Carolina where the employees are encouraged to bring their dogs. Turns's good for business. Any dog lover knows he or she is happier when they are allowed to be with their hound. That happiness, in many cases means higher productivity! So I argue dogs are good for business. I say this with some risk. CBS frowns on people bringing dogs in. Who knows, maybe the powers-that-be will change their minds when they see how much more productive we would all be. Besides if you knew Sally like I know Sally (Oh, oh, oh what a girl!) You'd want her in your office too.

  • Richard Schlesinger

    Correspondent, "48 Hours," "CBS Evening News"