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Sister Jean Schmidt: God is on Loyola-Chicago's side, at least "right now"

CHICAGO -- At 98, Sister Jean Schmidt's faith is undiminished, especially the faith she has in Loyola-Chicago basketball. Loyola's run to the Final Four has been almost as improbable as the star turn of the team's incandescent chaplain.

Five thousand Sister Jean bobbleheads were sold in just 48 hours, a hall-of-fame record that goes along with all the T-shirts and socks now bearing her likeness.

"I said, 'Tell them to send me a pair,'" Schmidt said.

Sister Jean Schmidt CBS News

Mentions of Sister Jean in news stories over the last two weeks have dwarfed those of coaches of big name schools. We asked her if she thinks God is on Loyola's side. "Right now, yes," she responded.

However, outraged Michigan supporters, including 100-year-old Maybelle Hicks, want to believe the nun is done.

"It's been a good ride, but it's over Saturday," Hicks said. "Go blue!"

The funny thing is that even Sister Jean didn't pick the Ramblers to get this far.

"I thought the Sweet 16 would be fine. For the first time on the dance floor, that would be remarkable," she said.

She'll be with her team for the Final Four, and she has plenty of faith in the outcome.

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