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Sinise Rolls 'Snake Eyes'

You can say that the '90s have been very good to actor Gary Sinise. From relative obscurity, Sinise earned an Academy Award nomination as Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, then landed lead roles in TV's Truman and George Wallace. Now, after his work on television, Sinise is back on the big screen in Snake Eyes.

Sinise co-stars with Nicolas Cage in this fast-paced whodunit from director Brian DePalma. The movie unfolds at an Atlantic City casino after the U.S. defense secretary is shot at the boxing world's fight of the year.

Most of the film's action takes place ringside at the fight, with thousands of extras on hand. Speaking with CBS 'This Morning' Co-Anchor Mark McEwen, Sinise says working in such an environment was a "high pressured, but liberating experience."

"It's like theater in a way," Sinise says. "Everything's going at once. There's a lot happening in the big shots, and it all has to work together. If one little element is missed, the whole shot is blown."

Sinise tells McEwen that his career in entertainment began in high school in his hometown of Highland Park, Ill., playing in garage bands with names like Dirty Brain. It was a breakthrough role as George in Of Mice and Men in 1992 that he credits with launching his movie career. Sinise then went on to star opposite Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump and Apollo 13.

Roles in some of the most recent films aside, Sinise says that it's a role in a comedy that he's still itching to land. "I wish somebody would think of me in that way instead of kind of intense and serious. I've done some of that stuff on stage. It's a blast."

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