Single Number For All Your Phones

Most of us have too many numbers: home phone, work, cell phones, etc.

But Google is expected to release Google Voice anytime now -- a service the Internet search giant says that will enable you to use one number for all your phones. Someone would call your Google voice number and all your devices would ring -- your home phone, work, cell, etc.

The service will be free.

CNET-TV Senior Editor and Early Show contributor Natali Del Conti demonstrated it Monday, adding that you can use your Google Voice number for outgoing calls, as well.

Del Conte explained that, if someone called her Google Voice digits, her iPhone, BlackBerry, and office phone would all ring at once, and she'd decide which one, if any, to answer.

If you miss a call, the voicemail would be transcribed into an e-mail, which would be sent to someone's G-mail address, so a user could skip listening to voicemail and just read the messages.

Not only that, she pointed out, she has a separate inbox for voicemails, so she can archive them just as she archives her my e-mails.

What's more: You could record calls and listen to them later: Google Voice notifies both parties that recording is occurring, once it begins.

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