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KFC surprises single mom who walked to work for a year with a new car

Single mom rewarded with new car
Single mom who walks to work surprised with new car from KFC coworkers 01:46

Crystal Lachance is a single mom from Salem, Oregon, who is not only a dedicated mother, she's a dedicated employee. Lachance works at KFC and for a full year she had to walk to and from work — an hour each way. Her coworkers wanted to recognize Lachance's commitment. So, they found a way to give back.

Lachance's coworkers nominated her for a "Kentucky Fried Wishes" award. The special honor is given to KFC employees by the KFC Foundations. Employees can nominate coworkers who go above and beyond at their job, and KFC will give them something special.

Lachance's boss, Miranda, nominated her for a "Kentucky Fried Wishes" award – and she won a prize she desperately needed. Crystal Lachance

Lachance's boss, Miranda, nominated her for the "Kentucky Fried Wishes" award and much to Lachance's surprise, she won. "I went to work this morning and got surprised with a brand new car," she wrote on Facebook Tuesday. "Apparently, my boss Miranda entered me in a drawing a few months ago and I won this brand new car."

Lachance said the car completely made her day. She posted photos of herself and her coworkers with the new car, decorated with a big red row. "I have been struggling a lot this year but haven't gave [sic] up and have been working very hard," her post continues. "I finally went in and got my permit and have been trying to save up to buy a car."

I went to work this morning and got surprised with a brand new car apparently my boss Miranda entered me in a drawing a...

Posted by Crystal Lachance on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Lachance told CBS News that for a year, she had shifts on Saturday and Sundays, and the only way for her to get to work was walk. The walk was an hour each way. 

With this gift, she and her 9-year-old son, Rhys, no longer have to worry about getting places they need to be.

KFC Foundation's surprise for Lachance's did not end with the car. "Now, I have a car and the owner of KFC is going to be paying six months of insurance for me," she revealed in her Facebook post. "I feel so blessed today and I just love my job and my boss Miranda, she seriously is the best boss ever!"

The single mom also posted photos of her son with the car, saying he loves it too. 

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