Singing "One Pound Fish Man" gets a music video

(CBS News) Are you tired of "Gangnam Style" just like Psy at this point? Need a new jam to get you moving? Do you happen to like very, very good and very, very cheap fish...? I'll admit, when I caught this one late last night, I was shocked. And I know I shouldn't, since this is the Internet after all. But still... have a, have a look at the music video for the singing "One Pound Fish Man" above.

The outrageous and very, very funny video was posted by YouTube user OnePoundFishManTV, and takes Internet-famous fish vendor, Muhammad Shahid Nazire, who sings about and sells fish in Queens Market, London, and puts him in the big-budget, music spotlight. I have to say, it's catchy and not bad at all. For those unfamiliar with the original video from 2011, I'm including it below. And for more from OnePoundFishManTV, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.