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Simpsons Going To Hollywood

Lisa Simpson will still be 8 when "The Simpsons" movie comes out — but the rest of us will be a lot older.

Writers are working on the movie now, according to Yeardley Smith, who provides the voice for Lisa. But they won't start making the film until after the television series is over — and she says the series still has at least two seasons to go.

Once the show is over, Smith told AP Radio, it will still be at least three years before the movie hits theaters because "animation takes forever."

She thinks that a movie is a good idea. "My wish for the show is that we go out with a bang not a pimple. If we can do a movie and it can be as good as our best episodes, I'm thrilled. I think that would be wonderful."

She just hopes people won't be sick of the Simpsons, now in its 15th season, by the time the movie comes out: "I just hope that at this point ... people aren't like `Oh, a movie, we're over it!"'

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