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Simone Biles shares silly video after wisdom teeth surgery

Simone Biles isn't afraid of making fun of herself. The Olympic gymnast posted a silly video on Twitter that shows her coming off of anesthesia from her wisdom teeth surgery. In it, she appears to be pretending to drive a car, honking an imaginary horn with her eyes half closed. 

In the video, Biles, with her mouth full of gauze, can be seen shouting, "Beep beep!" She posted the video on Thursday and wrote, "uhm here it is, I honestly have no words! Enjoy!!!!! Hope it makes you laugh!!!!" People can be heard laughing in the background of her doctor's office. 

The 27-second clip is just a short piece of a 14-minute video, Biles tweeted. She promised, "Other parts are hilarious too!" She said she's spending her recovery time catching up on TV shows. 

Biles won four gold medals and a bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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