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Simon Looks For Love In 'Cupid'

Detroit natives Kimberly, Lisa and Laura are soaking up some California sunshine on a break from shooting "Cupid."

Lisa is looking for a husband and she tells The Early Show's national correspondent Hattie Kauffman she is not ashamed to say it to America.

She says, "I've dated enough. And I'm done dating. I'm done with the whole, all the games and dating. What woman isn't sick of that?"

For her, being on the CBS show is not about getting on TV. "No, no. God, no," Lisa says.

As she has her hair done, her friend Laura judges her coif. But she will do more than that on the show. Laura and Lisa's other close pal, Kimberly, will evaluate prospective dates.

One guy claims, "I will be your next super hero, I will save you, protect you and guide our relationship up to the next level."

Laura asks, "Do you honestly think you're good enough for my girlfriend? Buddy ,that's what the rest of them are saying, too."

The guys come from all across the country, every one trying to make a quick impression. Laura says as a judge she is "honest. I just say it like it is."

Lisa and her friends narrow the field down to 10. After that, viewers will decide who gets to ask for Lisa's hand in marriage.

There is some pressure, but they are confident they will not let an inappropriate prospect slip through. Laughing, Laura says, "Oh we won't." Lisa adds, "They're good."

The show is the brainchild of "Ameircan Idol'"s Simon Cowell.

He says, "If you go into a bar, you see a girl, she's always going to be there with her friends and nine times out of ten, her friends are going to make the decision for her and that's what we're going to try to do on the road here."

To see the girls in action, we grabbed Lou Canakes, an unsuspecting bachelor who happened by. He says what he looks for in a girl is "Someone willing to communicate, share her feelings, I'm a snuggler. I like someone who'll snuggle back and share my feelings. But if you're honest with open communication, that's the best thing to do. If you have tha,t you can accomplish anything."

Apparently Lou's saying all the right things.

Kimberly says, "He did very well, yeah. Three thumbs up." Laura agrees, "Totally. As far as I can tell. We're all leaning in closer. I knew you were a Leo!"

And while Lisa is the lucky bachelorette, that doesn't mean Laura and Kimberly will be left out in the cold.

Kimberly says a couple of guys looking for Lisa strike her fancy. She says, "A couple, maybe physically, but I'm 35 and Lisa's 25 so they're all a little bit too young for me maybe. But we're learning a lot about men."

In this twist on reality dating, love and money intersect. If Lisa and the winning bachelor stay married for a year, they'll split a one million dollar prize. But the girl's insist love trumps money.

Laura says, "Every one loves love, every woman, every man, when it comes down to it. I really believe they'll make the right choice. And if they don't, I'll hunt them down!"

Lisa doesn't have to live with America's vote. She can decide not to marry him. Of course then, then she'd give up the million-dollar prize.

"Cupid" debuts Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. E.T. on CBS.