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Sibling Band "J4" Records Classic Hits

Earlier this year, "The Early Show"'s "Singing Family Face Off" competition brought six finalists to New York to perform for viewer votes -- and a shot at a CBS recording contract.

This summer, the winners of that competition, "J4" - a band of siblings from Eastern Tennessee - walked into a Nashville recording studio and entered the next phase of their musical journey.

The band recorded two songs with CBS Records, a cover of the Partridge Family's hit, "I Think I Love You," and Fleetwood Mac's, "Don't Stop." Both of the singles will be released on iTunes on Tuesday.

"Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez noted the group's members, Jedidah, Jessi, Josiah, and Josephine had grown so much physically and as performers since their last appearance on the show.

Jessi Smith, who plays violin for the band, said recording in the studio was a great new experience. "We'd never been able to record like that before. That was really exciting for us," she said. "... We just had a really good time."