"Sh**ty Deal": The T-Shirt

We guess it was inevitable: Just hours after Sen. Carl Levin shook up the usually-staid Senate by (VIDEO) repeatedly referencing a Goldman Sachs e-mail proclaiming that the company was involved in brokering a "shitty deal," the corresponding t-shirt has appeared for sale.

For $28.10, interested parties can get a shirt that says "GOLDMAN SACHS: We sell shitty deals," complete with a brown smudge meant to further illustrate the point. Check it out at left.

At last count, Levin had uttered the word "shitty" at least 15 times. Sens. Claire McCaskill and John Ensign also used the word one time each. (Tweeted McCaskill afterward: "Just so Mom and Missourians know, my use of bad word in hearing today was only quoting Goldman's language in one of their internal emails.")

The most notable exchange may have come just a few minutes ago, when Levin asked David Viniar how it feels to have his employees discussing "shitty deals." 

"I think that's very unfortunate to have that on e-mail," Viniar responded, prompting murmers and nervous laughter from within the room.