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"Shrinking Parties" Speed Up Therapy

You've probably heard of speed dating, in which singles can meet and talk one-on-one in three-minute rotations. Well, that concept has a new twist.

CBS News correspondent Bianca Solorzano reported on "The Early Show" Friday that there's a new trend in psychotherapy.

Psychiatrists and psychologists are bringing their practices to the masses with "speed shrinking" parties. People seeking life guidance on everything from sugar addition to sexual issues can meet for three minutes with a professional.

Psychologist Diana Kirschner said people began opening up very quickly during the three-minute sessions, telling her about sexual problems and even crying.

She said, "They're opening up very, very rapidly."

Linley, who didn't provide her last name to CBS News, attended the event, and discussed her parents' break-up.

The 25-year-old New Yorker said, "I know so many people who for a million different reasons would love to be in therapy, but just don't have the time, it's such a commitment, and to come in and come out and get your problems out and an answer in a three minute period, you can't beat that."

She called the event "therapeutic."

Susan Shapiro, author of the book "Speed Shrinking," said on "The Early Show" Friday these "speed shrinking" parties help introduce young people to therapy.

Shapiro, who also holds "speed shrinking" parties said the idea is taking off "like wildfire" across the country.

"Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith asked if people would tell things in a limited situation that they may not be able to tell someone they'd been seeing for years.

Shapiro said that is often the case. Also, "speed shrinking," she said, gives people an opportunity to try out therapists to find the necessary chemistry needed for successful therapy.

She said, "You have to find a psychologist or psychiatrist or somebody who relates to you and gets you."