Showtime's "Dexter" officially dead after season 8

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall in a scene from the seventh season of "Dexter."

Yeah, we know you know, but now Showtime is confirming it for real: "Dexter" is officially dead after its upcoming season 8.

While the decision was widely speculated and hinted at for months, Showtime has officially confirmed that Dexter Morgan will not live to kill another day.

While even fans were ready for Michael C. Hall's serial killer to pack up his knives, there was a sliver of hope after last fall's season eared record ratings (its finale hit a series-high 2.8 million viewers for its first telecast), leading some to speculate that Showtime may not actually pull the plug. But apparently Showtime isn't afraid of death either.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to season 8, which premieres on June 30. And until then, they can feast on the recently released clip from the season.

Tell us: Are you sad that Dexter is not returning, or is it a good thing that he's packing up his knives?