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Shot Pizza Deliveryman Persists

Thomas Stefanelli is one dedicated pizza deliveryman.

He got shot by a would-be robber in Tampa, but didn't let that stop him. He continued on his rounds until all the pies were delivered, before returning to the shop and seeking medical help.


The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith Wednesday he knocked on the door of a house where no one was home Saturday night when he saw a "young kid came up out of the side of my eye with a Halloween mask on. So I walked down toward the gate for me to walk up to him. At that point, he pulls a gun and sticks it in my face."

His reaction?

"I knocked the gun hand out of my face."

A shot rang out, Stefanelli says. It went into the air. A struggle ensued. Then the gun went off again.

That one went into Stefanelli's thigh, as he held the alleged gunman on the ground.

Stefanelli says he didn't realize he'd been shot: "I didn't even feel it."

An accomplice approached Stefanelli, but he shooed him away as well.

Stefanelli returned to his car and was on his way to his next delivery, when he spotted the blood on his shorts and the hole in them, sure signs he's been shot.

He went to a nearby police substation but, when there were no officers there, he continued on his way, with four stops to go.

Stefanelli says he called his boss and told him to call the police and tell them what happened.

Even after delivering the rest of his pies, Stefanelli didn't head to the hospital.

He returned to Hungry Howie's: "Then I called 911 and the cops and the ambulance came there and took me to the hospital."

Doctors told Stefanelli he was very lucky, because it didn't hit an artery.

"But I told them I would have known," he says, "because there would have been a lot more blood going down my leg than what there was showing."

Stefanelli showed Smith the area of his thigh where the bullet entered, and said it exited beneath his buttocks, went through his wallet, and wound up in his back pocket. He also displayed the wallet, with a nicked credit card still in it.

He says, when he called his wife to tell her what happened, she shrieked, "What!"

"She couldn't believe that I got shot," he added.

What's more, Stefanelli is back on the job already. He returned to Hungry Howie's Tuesday night.

Police say they have several suspects, but no arrests have been made.