Short film "Blowout Sale" shows selling couches is a deadly serious business

(CBS) - Selling furniture can be a very competitive business.  In fact, it can even be deadly as this amazing short film above demonstrates. You really need to check this one out.

The creative short entitled "Blowout Sale" was made by the filmmaking team of Timothy Kendall, Chris Marrs & Danny Pudi who write about it:

In the process of developing this film for INTERPRETATIONS, we looked closely at the dialogue and felt the words on the page represented statements that were in a sense a call to action and persuasive in nature. In looking to utilize our strengths in action and comedy, we ultimately wanted a film where the dialogue would serve as both the catalyst for and the end to a funny and gritty action sequence. We decided that a rivalry between salesmen seemed to fit, and loved the interesting yet mundane setting of the furniture store as a great contrast to the intense action that would take place there.
I honestly thought it was brilliant, how about you?  Feel free to leave me some comments below.  And to check out more of their work, you can click here to go to their YouTube page.