Defendant shot by U.S. marshal at Salt Lake City courthouse

Siale Angilua, defendant in a federal rackateering trial in Salt Lake City, Utah; authorities say he rushed the witness stand before he was shot by a U.S. marshal on Monday, April 21, 2014
CBS affiliate KUTV

Last Updated Apr 21, 2014 2:53 PM EDT

SALT LAKE CITY - Authorities say a U.S. marshal shot and critically wounded a defendant in a federal courthouse who rushed a witness stand with a pen at his trial in Salt Lake City.

FBI spokesman Mark Dressen said Monday that Siale Angilau was hospitalized with at least one chest wound.

According to police, the courthouse is on lockdown following the shooting, which occurred during a trial involving Angilau, a Tongan Crip gang member, reports CBS affiliate KUTV. The station also reports that the shooting took place in Judge Tena Campbell's courtroom.

The trial began this morning.

Witnesses told the Salt Lake Tribune they saw a man - presumably the shooting victim - taken out of the courthouse on a stretcher.

According to the newspaper, the new federal courthouse opened one week ago.