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"Shoecide" Attack

This column was written by CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Harry Smith.
Weejuns of mass destruction.

I thought President Bush looked pretty good dodging shoes in Baghdad. There was no fear in his face. He didn't look terribly concerned.

Later he said it was no big deal. But it is, of course.

The tabloids have already had a field day. The New York Daily News called it a "shoeicide attack," and a friend of mine called it "sock and awe."

Here's another one: if you survive a shoe attack, does that make you a sole survivor?

This can't be what the president had in mind when he was headed to Baghdad for a final visit as commander-in-chief. Congratulate Nouri al-Maliki, chat with Ray Odierno, point out that the country is remarkably safer than just two years ago-OK, not really safe, but let's say less dangerous.

Anyway, this was to be a valedictory, a photo-op, a last chance to look presidential.

Now, it's a punch line.