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"Shoe Attacks" in Dallas: Stiletto Assault Injures Two Women, Police Say

Shoe Attacks in Dallas? Police Say Brutal Stiletto Attack Leaves Dallas Woman Disfigured

NEW YORK (CBS) Police in Dallas say a woman used her high-heel shoe to strike another woman in the eye, then attacked her friend with the stiletto and left her unconscious.

According to a police report obtained by The Dallas Morning News, 26-year-old Vanessa Sarmientos and 21-year-old Jordan Pope had returned home from a Dallas nightclub early Monday morning when two women, who seem to have been following them, approached them in a parking garage.

Police say Sarmientos and Pope recognized the two women from an earlier scuffle at the nightclub.

During the second confrontation, police say one of the two suspects removed her stiletto shoe and struck Sarmientos in the eye. She then proceeded to beat Pope until she passed out, the newspaper reported.

The newspaper says that both victims were treated at a local hospital. Police say the assault may have permanently disfigured one of the women.

They have not made an arrest.