Shocking Photos: First Look Inside Phillip Garrido's Disgusting Home

Photos: Inside Phillip Garrido's House

NEW YORK (CBS) As investigators continued their detailed search of Phillip and Nancy Garrido's property, the first photos from inside their northern California home give another glimpse into what could have been Jaycee Dugard's life in captivity.

Photos of a messy kitchen, living and dining room reveal a household in disarray.

Meanwhile in the backyard, dogs trained to detect human remains signaled there might be bones buried there.

(AP Photo/Reno Police Department)

Photo: Phillip Garrido after his Nov. 23, 1976 arrest on kidnapping and rape charges.

Photos: Inside Phillip Garrido's House

The search teams are looking for clues linking the Garridos to the kidnappings of Ilene Misheloff and Michaela Garecht twenty years ago.

An earlier search of their next door neighbor's backyard yielded a bone fragment that police say is likely human but tests still must be completed.

Phillip and Nancy Garrido are already charged with kidnapping Dugard in 1991 and holding her in a squalid encampment of tents and sheds at their Antioch, Calif. home. Dugard was reunited with her family after the Garridos' Aug. 26 arrest.

The Garridos have pleaded not guilty and are in jail.

Photos: Inside Phillip Garrido's House
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