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Shira's Inbox: My Wacky Internet Finds Of The Week

1. Ellen Page and Justin Long come together for this wacky look at a "Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving" on

Hope yours was... um... better?

2. Business Week came out with its 2009 list of America's Best Young Entrepreneurs. Be inspired by these entrepreneurial leaders who are all under 25 and running their own successful companies.

3. If you're into public displays of affection (or if you're simply a voyeur), then you might get a kick out of Visit the site and see who's making love around the world on their interactive map. You can also contribute by logging the time and place of your own extracurricular activities.

4. Remember "Honey I Shrunk The Kids?" The father is a wacky scientist who has a machine in his kitchen that makes the family breakfast. Now all you '80s movie lovers can rejoice: Check out this real life breakfast machine built using recycled materials by Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura. It serves up coffee, omelets, toast and jam. Yum!

5. If you're a fashionista it can be hard to coordinate the appropriate outfits with weather conditions. Help is here with Stylecaster. The one-stop fashion site launched its unique iPhone app this week, which pulls in a weather feed based on your current location and provides style recommendations.

6. Pass on the kindness! That's the message behind, a movement started by the Australian based Kind health snacks. It's pretty simple: get a code from the site for your kind card, do something kind for someone, fill out the card and pass it on to that person. It's up to them to do the same and pay-it-forward. From there, you can track how far your one act of kindness goes.