Shhhhh, the world's most quiet destinations

Olympic National Park and Orfield Laboratories

Washington State’s Olympic National Park, left, and Orfield Laboratories’ soundproof room in Minneapolis, Minn.


Looking for absolute silence?

You may have to go a little farther than you thought to find it in today’s world.

In nature, the rain forest of Washington’s Olympic National Park is one of the quietest places on Earth. A tiny plot of land there - a five hour drive from Seattle and two-hour hike is what one expert says is the single quietest place in the lower 48 states.

In the man-made realm, the world’s quietest room is in Orfield Laboratories in Minneapolis, Minn. Completely sound-proof, decibel levels in the room can reach an incredible negative nine - compare that to an airport’s background noise of 72 decibels or 59 in a car or 57 in a quiet office.

“CBS This Morning” special correspondent Jeff Glor spent some quiet time at Olympic National Park and at the Orfield Laboratories soundproof room, listening to the sound of silence in its many forms. Watch his experience in the video above.