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She's Just Cuz Ricci

Our favorite competitor, Politico's Anne Schroeder, got hitched this month, and even though she flew 725 miles away to her family's Evansville, Ind., home for the wedding, the world of gossip followed. That's because the Hollywood relative of her new hubby, the American Banker's Luke Mullins, made a cameo. Right there applauding the ceremony with friends, family, other newsies like Roll Call's Ben Pershing and the Washington Post's Paul Kane, and Ron Bonjean, chief of staff to the Senate GOP conference, was actress Christina Ricci, the Addams Family and Sleepy Hollow beauty.

"Christina is our cousin, and she made the trip," says Luke's bro, Brody Mullins of the Wall Street Journal. "The wedding was great."

We hear that rain threatened the lakeside ceremony but held off until after the vows, during which big winds kicked in. "Oh, it was windy. It was like, wow, this is pretty powerful," says one attendee. And Anne was quite bold at the altar, asking the priest at the end: "Can I kiss him now?" The priest smiled and said, "I would."

Back to Ricci. Those there said she was very nice and pretty in her short bob haircut, maybe her look for her role as Trixie in the upcoming Speed Racer movie.

By Paul Bedard

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