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Sheriff: We Want Sex Abuse Suspect Alive

As the man who gave police a videotape showing a young girl being sexually abused was about to be arraigned, sheriff's deputies continue to look for the man they believe actually committed the abuse.

Authorities hope to find Chester "Chet" Arthur Stiles, 34, soon.

"I believe that Chester Arthur Stiles has some additional information that he can provide, some light on maybe other activity that has taken place, and maybe in this jurisdiction, Clark County, and other states as well," Nye County, Nevada, Sheriff Tony DeMeo said on CBS News' The Early Show Monday. "I believe that he's a link to a very dark side of our society, so I want him, I want him alive."

Stiles has a long criminal record, including charges for assault and battery, resisting arrest, contempt of court, and grand larceny, reports CBS News Early Show national correspondent Jeff Glor. Stiles was once an animal trainer for the famous team of Siegfried and Roy. He's told friends he was in the military, and police believe he's armed and dangerous.

"He's a survivalist type, he can live without water or electricity, doesn't bother him a bit," said Nye County District Attorney Bob Beckett. "He's a martial artist, he claims to be a black belt, he's very paranoid, very handy with weapons, and he always carries a knife on him."

Meanwhile, prosecutors are set to formally charge Darrin Tuck, 26, with possession of child pornography and possibly promoting child pornography on Monday.

Tuck had been on probation for desertion and failure to pay child support, but his probation was revoked, authorities said. Officials were unable to arrest him Friday night because he could not be found.

Tuck has told authorities he found the tape in the desert, but authorities said he possessed it for as long as five months before turning it in. He was arrested earlier this month in the case and released without bail pending a court appearance.

The 3-year-old girl in the tape was located after authorities on Friday released information they would not normally disclose in order to get tips from the public, including a picture, DeMeo said. The widespread media attention led someone to call the girl's mother, who contacted police but did not know about the assault, authorities said.

CBS affiliate KLAS-TV reports it was the mother of one of the girl's playmates who recognized her.

Investigators who found the little girl report that she seemed a very happy 7-year-old, reports Glor. Her mother was completely unaware of the events that took place on the tape four years ago.

Both cried as they talked with detectives, however.

The videotape was made at a Las Vegas residence that did not belong to the girl's family, officials said, though her mother recognized furniture seen in still images of the tape.

Stiles is "a several tier-away family friend," said Det. Dave Boruchowitz.

Modern police science put investigators on Stiles' trail.

"That was information that the FBI and Metro (Las Vegas police) had once they able to enhance the video. They gave us the information," DeMeo told Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen.

Initially, DeMeo's office released photographs of the little girl and her first name.

"We felt that his (Stiles') name and the first name of the young girl, which we're not mentioning anymore, would be the key to identifying this girl," DeMeo said. Now that she has been found, neither DeMeo's office nor the news media are using the name and photographs.